A Great Deal of Gratitude 

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It is important this holiday season to be grateful, even if you did not get the gifts you wanted.

After watching the 2006 philosophical documentary on the law of attraction The Secret ,I am learning how to be grateful for the things I already have, before asking for things I want to come into my life.

The photo pictured above is my gratitude stone. This stone is going to help me become happier, humble and grateful.  I know you’re thinking, “how?” and “what does this have to do with anything?”

Dear 21 Year Old Self,

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There are actually about a thousand things I wish I could have told my college self. From some serious lessons on love and relationships to a crash course on the benefits of budgeting to just how important networking truly is. Here are just a few career/lifestyle things that could be helpful to you now… since I can’t go back in time and knock some sense into younger me.

Explore everything.

College is the best time. Your youth is the best time. Try new things. Try the things you have secretly always wanted to do. I know that you have your Major and your outlined set of goals that you’re hesitant to diverge from. And you have set all of your activities around those specific goals and that path and you’re super focused. But it’s worth it to take a day away and explore something new. Maybe take a cooking class…

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What is sexual liberation for women?

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Today, and yesterday, it has always been more socially acceptable for a man to have slept with twelve women in the past year, than it is for a woman to have slept with six.

At a young age girls (especially black girls) are called being “fast”  by our aunties, for just growing up. Our once innocent pair of shorts become “booty shorts” in the summer and we have to go back in the house and change into something less revealing. 

My Hair Has Always Been A Problem

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 In my earliest memories, I remember being joked with “What a pretty little girl, can I have your hair?” 

For the majority of my childhood, I lived in a town that refused me. I lived in low budget housing. My neighbors were black. My mother put me in an elementary school across town where my peers were white.