“Whatever aspect of the soul we neglect becomes a source of suffering”


If you follow me on Instagram you’d see that I’ve been reading Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, while only 50 pages in something casually mentioned resonated with me. I read it 3 times more, “…whatever aspect of the soul we neglect becomes a source of suffering.”

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Love releases us into a realm of divine imagination, where the soul is expanded and reminded of its unearthly cravings and needs. -Thomas Moore


Macrocosms & Me

Macrocosms & Me

The Earth as a whole is a complex structure.

So many insects, animals, cancerous humans that reside it.

So many trees chopped down, many oceans yet explored.

Each organism has its own distinctive pheno and genotype. Each complex on its own.

I often compare myself to ants. They’re so small, do they even have eyes? can they see me too? How do they know I’m here?

How is it that the birds and butterflies through evolution grew wings, and learned to fly?

We still don’t know what’s out there.

What Shiny Men Need to Know

As I said in All Drained Out there has been an unusual amount of young men interested in me lately. I guess I have too much sauce.

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The kind of men that really annoy me are the flashy ones.

The car you’re driving doesn’t impress me. I don’t care that you buy bottles in the VIP section of the club. You wear so many chains that it looks ridiculous.

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All Drained Out

I don’t know if its the full moon or these sundresses I’ve been wearing, but why is it that I’m receiving so much unwanted male attention. More than usual, it won’t do me any good now.

Last month in Single as a Pringle I talked about how exhausted relationships left me; and why it was better for me to focus on myself. Ironically, I didn’t follow my own advice about focusing on myself.

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